Studio Coucou
Schwedter Stra├če 34A
10435 Berlin
T +49 30 23 59 7940

design(ed) to take home

"After opening a new hotel or restaurant, people sometimes ask about individual pieces from the furniture: 'Where did you get that lamp?' Or, 'Can you buy that rug or that chair somewhere?'" says Ester Bruzkus, explaining the idea behind the creation of studiocoucou.

Originally, the studio was launched as a commercial agency for the bespoke furniture projects designed by Ester Bruzkus Architekten, but , in addition, it is a curated store of many things we like.

"Things we like," says Ester Bruzkus, "of exceptional quality and not otherwise easily found." Studiocoucou is where you can find - and get - furniture we have designed as well as furniture we have curated for our projects.