Jesper Jensen

Every morning we bike around our neighbourhood and collect empty wine bottles. Then we wash them, clean them, cut them, shape them and fire polish them into drinking glasses, jugs, and vases in all shapes and sizes. To make sure the glasses aren’t too fragile we heat them up and cool them off several times, the whole process takes about 24 hours. When the glasses are finished we pack them in wooden crates that we make by hand here in the studio, out of old wooden fruit crates we pick up at the local greengrocer. Basically the whole product is made of other people’s trash – and we’re proud of that! But of course, love for the environment is not enough – the glasses also have to be well designed. It is important for us that they are practical for everyday use; that they can survive the dishwasher, have a comfortable grip, and that they can be used again and again without breaking too easily. And of course that they look good!




S: Ø7 x 9 cm,
L: Ø7 x 14 cm


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